Gender Pay Gap

Z Hotels Operations Ltd

Z Hotels Operations offer compact, affordable luxury accommodation across 11 hotels, all in central London locations. We follow our values and key behaviours in all that we do.


  • Take responsibility for quality
  • Deliver guest satisfaction
  • Provide leadership as a company and as individuals
  • Act with integrity in all we do
  • Value Z people
  • Regard our suppliers as team members



  • Live the company values
  • Focus on operating excellence
  • Act with speed
  • Communicate openly
  • Collaborate across the company

As with many of businesses in the Hospitality section Covid 19 had a significant effect on Z Hotels, many of our team members were furloughed throughout this reporting period.

Our adjusted furlough pay gap figures we are required to report on in line with regulations on gender pay gap reporting are outlined below.

As an employer of over 250 team members in our Z Hotels we are required to comply with regulations on gender pay gap reporting, we will be publish this data publicity with the aim of eliminating any gender gap pay by monitoring the data 

We are committed to equality in our workforce and are pleased that the Mean pay gap is 6.35% and the median 3%. We have not seen a significant difference to the previous 12 months. We have both males and females represented at all levels of our business. Having reviewed this data we are satisfied that there is no cause for concern as the pay gap is minimal. In our business we have flexible working for our team members and this has been implemented for both female and male team members alike We will continue to monitor our pay across the company to ensure equality as we do with our recruitment, training and promotions, in line with our equality policy.